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Default Re: Buakaw Banchamek to meet Manny Pacquiao in the Ring

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
Yu kip bee krup?

I get your point and know what you mean. But u know how regulalry celebrities form ASEAN pact countries just jump into action whenever thier countries "request" it, Manny & Pac are both serious nationalist.

Anyway, it looks like Somluck rather over confidently rinding on the "success" of his Raja comback last month after being linked with everyone from Buakaw, to Kem, to apparently Manny will actually be fighting fellow vet Jomhod on the Lumpinee BDay show in December, should be interesting.

I'd actually get much more enjoyment out of watching Pac and Somluck that Pac and Buakaw, it'd make more sense. Anyway, as you know T.I.T.
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My problem with the original announcement is that Buakaw would kill Manny under feet and fist rules and Manny would KO him easily under Queensberry rules.

Therefore it would have to be an 'exhibition' or else someone would be getting a payday for being brutalised......but then again the same goes for Somluck.

The first news I heard about Somluck was my girl saying to herself "is he trying to kill himself?!" while reading her Ipad. I asked who and then she told me the news
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