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Default Re: Just watched PRIDE 33 for the first time......

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
Have you seen Shogun/Lil Nog? It's an ATG fight.

Just take a look at Nog's run leading into the Soko fight, and you'll get an idea of why it was so shocking. It is one of the biggest upsets in MMA history.
I try not to infer things simply by looking at Wiki records. If I do, how am I going to know which of his opponents lost because they were shot, or injured, or green, or homesick, or just exposed as hype jobs?

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
Also, I thought that Nog clearly beat Brilz. People were just surprised that Brilz did better than expected, and for that reason gave him rounds he didn't really win.
Yeah from what I remember of the fight, I had no particular expectations for it. I certainly wasn't approaching the fight from a "Little Nog is The MAN!" point of view. I just watched a fight between two men.

What I remember (and I watched it once, months ago), I was surprised at how well Britz was doing in the first. Then he just kept going. Nog seemed like he was having an off night and never really seemed to get anything going. Britz fought his heart out, give the best effort he could with his comparatively limited talent and seemed to really rise to the occasion, and then got screwed out of a deserved win.

Might have to go back and watch it again. But I remember at the time being disappointed for him because I viewed it as a flat out robbery, rather than a controversial decision that could have gone either way.

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