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Default Re: kaz is ty...yup..!

Originally Posted by stiflers mum View Post
Apparently he had 4 at Rodin's forum so we can't be sure of that. However I doubt kaz is Ty. Kaz said Ottke ducked Kessler for all his faults Ty knows his boxing and would know Kessler wasn't anywhere near Ottkes radar before he retired in 2004.
Its not Wawicks forum , it belongs to a pro boxer and his brother, Wawick/ROdin is just a member of staff over there, yes i had alts but never had alts at the same time, he banned my orignal account because i didnt get along with the people he sucks upto so he banned me and i signed up another account, then he would eventualy discover it was me and ban the account and so forth, never had more than one account at any given time.

Honestly just because a guy said he has had boxing fights doesnt mean he is me, its quite funny to think otherwise and pretty desprate. If we go by mr doctors theory then everyone who says they have had a boxing fight here must be my alt
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