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Default Re: The Brawl in Montreal - who would defeat Duran on that night?

What stylistic does Gavlin brings that makes him a favorite against Duran. I'm curious to here why. Gavlin wasn't languish on the inside. He liked that Bolo punch and wasn't shy about being s****py despite being a very calculated boxer. Basilio fought Gavlin to a real tough fight. Gavlin did out-box him rather succinctly in the second half, though. If Gavlin falls in the way he did when Basilio clocked him with that hook & right uppercut he'll get put on his ass and Duran will punish worse when you get back up. I think Duran's workrate and in-fighting should have him prevail over Gavlin. However, Duran does have more trouble with out-fighting slick, boxer types than mover types. Interesting fight. I think the Montreal version would probably be too active, though.

Only Hearns & Robinson would be favorites. Ironically, I think Basilio would be an absolute dog-fight and I've thought him as an upset candidate against Duran before.
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