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Default Mundine (and his fans) exposed...

Poll to follow

Ode to Mundine

Y’all gather around and and I’ll tel l you tale of Mundine
A legend in his own mind…an athlete supreme
He thinks he is the greatest the world has ever seen
But Geale will show the world…it was all just a dream

He hits like a girl…That’s what Mundine said
Then Ottke feather punched him and put him to bed
That was the day Australia rose to it’s feet
Clapping and cheering at the ****heads defeat

Chocs fanboys say Echolls was one of his greatest fights
Victory would raise his profile to dizzying heights
Nineteen fights for three wins after the Man
Shows Echols was just another Tomatoe can

Choc thought Siaca would be real easy meat
Three world Title attempts… for 3 defeats
But Mundine’s lack of heart came to the fore
He ran like a rabbit which showed on the score

When he lost to Kessler who had a bad back
It seemed that Choc’s career had gone to the pack
Sourcing old boxers from retirement homes
Lost its appeal coz they were all skin and bones

Nasser was scratching his head wondering what to do
Whenhe stumbled across Ashley ****ing off in the Loo
I’ll tell you the truth and this is no lie
They put him under a sunlamp and called him a Thai

I wanna fight Floyd…I just don’t know when
So let’s milk the suckers and fight Soliman again
It seemed his career had reached a new low
When a novice called Woods won a clean KO

Then Choc showed that he had lost all heart
When he fought a Pensioner called Bronco McKart
Those few that turned up to watch Australias most hated
Had either got themselves lost or were to Mundine related

How the mighty have fallen…his fate soon to to be sealed
When he steps into the ring with one who is the real deal

Mundine has some fans…that can’t be denied
Sadly there’s just space where a brain should reside
So here’s the full list joking aside
A group of fanboys that are really one eyed

Whose your Daddy now cries 20a and a few more digits
With his **** in hand … he rapidly fidgets
Mundine’s pic on his door…Oh what a feeling
Cum spurts through his fingers and lands on the ceiling

Then there Altogether now…who is anything but
He would sell his very soul to be Mundine’s ****
Be gentle with Ty…who is a little bit odd
Upset him at all and he’ll cry to a Mod

What about Whipsy who is seen all the time
Absconding with jockstraps from Mundines clothesline
Not Straightshoota though…he is much more gross
He prefers them still sweaty as he holds them up close
Highlight of his life was when he found Mundine’s kit
And scored him some undies… still covered in ****

I don’t understand Teke… Kiwi born and bred
Perhaps something heavy fell on his head
Team Pretty’s a kid…still plays with his Leggo
Stay clear of Ty cos we think he’s a Pedo

Ty tried his hand at boxing but gave it away
When he found his talents more suited to ballet
Imbrue is still waiting for Ty to take his bet
Won’t ever happen coz his ***** haven’t dropped yet

Still there are others I could add to the list
Not much point though coz most don’t exist
I’ll tell you the truth and here lies the twist
Most seem to post only when Teke is ****ed

Well that’s it for me…but before I go
There is one thing that we’d all like to know
In Tekes weird and wonderful world of alts and trolls
Is he shafting Centrelink…Do they all get the dole?

Y/all come back now...y/hear
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