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Default Re: Greeny sinks to an all time low

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
It was actually 5 days ago. 2 weeks WTF , Danny dont need any help in discrediting himself, he perfected that art long long ago when he decided to fight a brain damaged Paul Briggs then proceeded to backflip on his k9 comment and re-write the medical books.

The comments he make are a disgrace, Aborignals were invaded by The British that arrived on Boats, to tell Mundine to jump on one is a smack in the face to all aborignals. Danny should hang his head in shame, he is a hypocrite and is just scratching for attention on the backbone of Mundine, he always has and always will.

You must be from Perth!
Yep indeed your right , But imo you should be stooping down and kissing every pommys **** as a show of gratitude as it could have been a heap worse . wonder how you would be getting on now if the Japs or Ch inks had coloninsed your continent . Maybe Mundine should ask himself that question before he takes another tourch to the Union Jack .
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