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Default Re: Greeny sinks to an all time low

It was actually 5 days ago. 2 weeks WTF , Danny dont need any help in discrediting himself, he perfected that art long long ago when he decided to fight a brain damaged Paul Briggs then proceeded to backflip on his k9 comment and re-write the medical books.

The comments he make are a disgrace, Aborignals were invaded by British that arrived on Boats, to tell Mundine to jump on one is a smack in the face to all aborignals. Danny should hang his head in shame, he is a hypocrite and is just scratching for attention on the backbone of Mundine, he always has and always will.
It's already been brought up in another thread regardless. No doubt, Green is a ****wit, but Mundines racist comments over the past week have trumped anything green has said. I think the comments are fair besides the petrol part which I think is a cheap shot regardless of how it is interpreted.

you are turning a mole hill into a mountain due to your obsessive hate for green. It's a fair point: why is mundine living in a country that he believes is full of hate and racism?? Btw I agree the paul Briggs fight was a disgrace and green made himself look like a massive ****wit, while embarrassing Australian boxing.

Mundine makes racist personal attacks on his own people for **** sake, not to mention his other racist comments about white people. Greens comments are nothing but you have interpreted them as racist due to the boat part.

Actually I live in Sydney, but if it came to a choice between Perth and the hick village of Albury, I know which one I would choose.
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