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Default Re: The ATG fighter's didnt need no stinkin' Strength and conditioners

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
Stick to talking about boxing technique because you're clueless on this. No S+C coach worth a damn is going to have anyone train 8 hours a day, an S+C coach covers cardio and usually nutrition and their primary responsibility is to provide sports specific supplementary training. Their goal is to get the athletes body in peak condition for their sport, do you honestly think they'd neglect to add the boxing training into the equation?
Why would a muscular guy look like he should be able to fight? Boxing is a skill like playing Tennis is, it's got nothing to do with appearance. I guess you equate an S+C coach with a bodybuilder trainer? Just educate yourself a bit.
You both make good points, I am sure he didnt mean "8hrs" a day. I manage an 18yr old boxer. In one of his fights he had an S&C coach working him, when he fought he said he didn't feel strong. So for the next fight we worked the old school way of primarily working on skills, and preparing for a four round fight. The kid felt great and was the happiest he's ever been. Maybe the answer is to have the present boxing coaches educate themselves on different and improved training methods and techniques.
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