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Default Re: Somrak wants to fight Buakaw!!

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Good fight probably.

Somluck would have a 50-50 chance in the pro' ranks. With how shoddy Espinosa's chin was he would even have a chance there.

But I wouldn't fancy his chances. Some decent stylists and some awkward monsters around that time.

As Sugar said; Medina would've been an interesting bout.

He might well have fit the Rocky Juarez role a few years earlier and in much less fights as a guy good enough to beat the B level guys but would fall short at the very top. But I doubt he'd have cemented himself in the upper echelon unless he outboxed Naz on one of Hamed's off days (and in the late 90s he had a few)

Intriguing but not a locked down guarantee for high level success.

Where you gonna' be first week of Feb' Boran?
Thanks Flea, good post.

Just the idea of it Somluck vs Naz......Boy, I'd have loved to have watched that at the time. Great fighter sure, but I never could warm to Naz. Could of been classic or an almighty ugly affair. Anyway, Somluck would have him now tht's for sure!

In Feb....Swilling around somewhere in the almighty Tom Yum that's BKK! Are you booked?
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