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Default Re: I wish someone had of made a documentary on the early days of Chuck Liddell.

Originally Posted by Big Red View Post
Yeah, the guys back then were different type of fighters then we have now days. The guys now days in large part are into the sport for a chance to make good money and be a star. The guys back then were real fighters there were almost no rules and no money to be made or fame and there was no potential to make money as far as they would have known.

I knew some pretty good fighters and sometimes people would ask them if they ever thought of trying some of these mma tournements. They would look at the person like they were crazy.
People don't change. It's not like the money started coming in and all of a sudden somehow there's no "real" fighters anymore.

You gotta remember that most of these guys who are fighting now, they were working their asses off and fighting for free all of their lives just for the joy of competition. They were kickboxing or doing judo or karate in their teens because they loved testing themselves against other fighters.

One example is Sonnen. He didn't wrestle his entire life because he wanted to be an MMA star and become a millionaire. He wrestled because he loved it. Loved the competition, loved the challenge, loved the fight. He'll fight anyone, any time. If he was 10, 15 years older he would have fit right into the old-school mentality.

Yeah those guys in the early days of the sport were the pioneers. But let's not pretend they're some kind of mythological heroes. Because the reality is, most of them fought because they didn't want to get a real job.

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