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Default Re: I wish someone had of made a documentary on the early days of Chuck Liddell.

Originally Posted by Vic-JofreBRASIL View Post
There is plenty of real fighters right now, of course....BUT many of these new guys wouldn´t be into MMA if it was like the old days (not that old ! Only 15 years ago).
In this aspect (sheer fighting spirit), it is different....That does not mean that everyone is there for the money, simply that some of them wouldn´t enter into this game if something like this was the rule today:

I´m sure that many of the current UFC guys would think twice And I don´t blame them.....
Yeah of course not everyone would be into that. I mean, there are many, MANY more fighters now. It's an actual sport now, and a sport will attract athletes as well as fighters. Not just guys who want to fight all day.

But others in today's game would fight old-school, no problem. Some (Nick Diaz and guys like him) might even prefer it. Because they are natural born fighters who just love to fight.

And for people to act like somehow those guys have disappeared because the sport is legit now, is ridiculous.

Look at a guy like Maldonado from the other week. Look at the beating he soaked up. He's a light-heavyweight, but do you reckon that guy would be afraid to fight Tank Abbott in an early UFC? Or do you reckon he'd get in there and fight his ****ing ass off because he loves it?

Edit - Thanks for the link though - I've never seen a Wanderlei bare-knuckle fight before.

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