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Default Re: Are Protein Shakes a must?

Originally Posted by Brand NOOBian View Post
I didn't have a pre-workout meal though. I ate a big lunch at noon, had some fruit/nuts for snacks in the late afternoon. Then I came home from work, had a whey shake (24g protein) and a banana around 7:30, and did my workout from 8:00-9:30. Yes, the meal I had was after my workout, but it just my dinner. I could've had it before I worked out but decided to eat it after. I read Alan Aragon's stuff on pre/during/post workout nutrition and how total daily intake is more important than timing. I was asking more about the fast-digesting properties of whey that most articles talk about, so not so much about timing of intake but more on the kind of protein and the effects of fast-digesting vs. slow-digesting.

To put it another way, regardless of whether it's taken pre or post-workout, would getting X amount of protein from whey have any benefits over getting the same amount of protein from food because of whey's fast-digesting properties? Or is that all marketing BS?

According to this guy, whey protein is superior to whole food protein.

So you did have a pre-workout meal?

No, doesn't really matter. However, it would depend on the quality of protein both from the food and they whey.

Also, Ian McCarthy certainly knows his stuff.
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