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Default Re: Buakaw Banchamek to meet Manny Pacquiao in the Ring

Looks like you were right Duke.

In this channel 3 show from yesterday Goti, Mae and Garamae etc "train" at Buakaw's new BKK gym. After training whilst eating lunch Garamae asks him about the Pacman bout and he basically says the first he heard was when the he heard it on the news...... But you know what Thailand's like, fiction can often become fact and is crazier than fiction!

For those that are unfamilier with the highbrow and sophisticated nature of Thai TV shows you are in for a cultural treat featuring Buakaw & Nong Toom.

I know it's a bit hard going for those that can't speak Thai, but it's interesting viewing of Buakaw's new set up and a rare view of his new found celebraty satus as the others in this show are Thai A lister celebrities, bear with it.



If you can bear it, part 3 and 4 are on the links in the above clips.
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