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Default Re: How do you improve your ability to take a punch/ not get KOed?

Originally Posted by bli View Post
Neck exercises but be very careful and seek professional help if you do neck exercises wrong your in serious trouble.

Most important proper stance with weight evenly distributed.

Good mouth guard custom made from dentist

Mental grit repeat to yourself you will absorb the shot and dont panic

Try not stand square on and give less of a target.

DONT GET TIRED this is the main cause. Make sure you conditioned properly

Be cautious when facing a big puncher dont let them get set and plant their feet

Keep your chin tucked in. Use a tennis ball under your chin till it becomes a habit

When throwing a jab tuck your chin in and return your arm asap. Work your triceps for this.

And most Importantly PRACTICE. without practice none of this matters. Good luck

good luck hope this helps.

Brilliant thanks mate much appreciated!!!
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