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Default Re: Was Calzaghe's masterclass V Roy Jones the most . . . . . . .

Originally Posted by Lance_Uppercut View Post
You're boyfriends do, but they'll say ,literally anything to look good. We both know you aren't sersious about this, or serious about anything related to boxing. This is just your little club house meeting place. Pretty much anything you post shows how immature, and clueless about boxing you are. Of course I'm watsing my time posting this. You'll just respond inthe manner you normally do, or wait for an ass kissing buddy to back your **** (like they do in bed with you...)
Im doing a new thing. Instead of wasting your time trying to debate with people who are clearly just hear to troll,and in no way want to have a logical debate about boxing, I just put up pics of cute animals.

Demeans their whole thread,and makes me feel better because

A) I havent wasted my time arguing with these people
B).....Who doesnt like cute animals?
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