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Default Re: Was Calzaghe's masterclass V Roy Jones the most . . . . . . .

Originally Posted by Rudyard View Post
When have I ever been a big Roy fan you douche?? Far from it to be totally honest.

Its clear as day that Roy was shot to ****...Whether you want to accept it or not...Roy beat a string of bums\Past prime fighters himself before facing Joe...So how in the hell does that equate to Roy turning back the hands of time...You would have a point if Roy actually beat top contenders but he didnt.

You're pretty much trying to hype a shot to **** fighter, who's best days were long gone...Joe didnt do anything out of the ordinary...I guess we can call Alfonso Gomez perfomance against Gatti a masterpiece given your **** poor logic?

Also, its quite hypocritical for you to call somebody a fanboy when you're doing the exact same bull**** you're accusing me of.
no doubt you will have been hyping jeff lacy back then like you do andre ward now, and we all remember sheika beating glen johnson, yet when roy completely dismantles these too in sensational fashion after the calzaghe fight we are meant to think that roy was completely shot . tell me, why did so many boxing experts tip jones to win the calzaghe fight? its easy to be wise after the event, that is what blinkered fanboys like you do best.
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