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Default Re: K-1 2012 Final 16

Originally Posted by The Spider View Post
A little something for the Ben Edwards fans.

This was the 2010 K1 tournament in Canberra. Which Ben won in world record time. 3 opponents in a total of only 3 minutes and 28 seconds >>>

Nice vid. Awesome staredown for the final, he alpha'ed the **** out of the other guy.

Are the matchups for the next round confirmed?

Does Cro Cop have any realistic chance to make it to the semis?

And how good a victory was his last win? I know nothing about his opponent, but the guy had a good undefeated record at least. Obviously that can be deceptive, but was the guy legit?

It's pretty much taken for granted that Cro Cop is completely and utterly shot. If he can still hold his own in a serious kickboxing tournament, what does that tell us about how much physicality he still has left? Anything?

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