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Default Re: Was Calzaghe's masterclass V Roy Jones the most . . . . . . .

Originally Posted by knockout artist View Post
It's worth pointing out Guru that Jones' loss to Calzaghe was sandwiched in between a 5 fight winning streak, where Jones had looked sharp against Hanshaw, Trinidad, Sheika then Lacy. Jones problems weren't with himself, they were with his opponent and Joe was electric that night
Roy Jones was a B level fighter when he fought Calzaghe... He had fallen below the elite level... Joe, though not peak, I still considered elite.. That was the difference in Jones' performances before and after Calzaghe.. They were also B or C level fighters, and some just as shot as Roy..

Roy didn't look sharp against Hanshaw IMO... and Hanshaw was a nobody, very close fight until the late knockdown... It still baffles me that Roy Jones Jr went life and death with a nobody.

Trinidad? I don't rate that win at all. Trinidad was a blown up true WW, and got whipped by Wright years before Roy fought him, and actually managed to beat Roy the first 3 rounds.. If not for the 2 knockdowns (very common in prime Trinidad fights) it would have actually been close.

Lacy was never very good, and was also shot... I think the Trinidad and Lacy fights would have had similar outcomes had they all been prime. Except i would pick Roy to KO Trinidad.

The key for Roy to show flashes of his old self, is making sure he is fighting fighters that are nobodies (which only works sometimes), or other shot fighters... Any time he is in with a live dog, you don't see old Roy so much. Which is exactly what Calzaghe was that night. Still an elite fighter, Roy wasn't.

Roy has not had a meaningful win since the first Tarver fight... Joe caught him quite a bit after that.
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