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Default Re: Was Calzaghe's masterclass V Roy Jones the most . . . . . . .

Originally Posted by Mind Reader View Post
Roy has not had a meaningful win since the first Tarver fight... Joe caught him quite a bit after that.
Roy has been past it since the first Tarver fight actually, Joe caught him four years after that. It requires zero brains and knowledge of the sport in depth to know this fact. Calzaghe his self admitted to his own son that Jones is not the same anymore.

The rest of this post is NOT directed at you(Mind Reader), it's to the general contributors of this hilarious trash-infested thread.


"Connor was sobbing 'dad, he is amazing' and I tried to reassure him 'don't worry son, Jones isn't that good anymore.'

If that's not good enough, let's hear Calzaghe speak of Roy Jones his self prior to this fight.


6:30 - 7:10

This thread and the trolling involved here is hilarious, cute and all of that ****. Hopefully this post would literally kill the trolls into a different method of cheap, free, bored and lifeless e-hilarity.

Enjoy your weekends and good day to all.
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