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Default Re: I wish someone had of made a documentary on the early days of Chuck Liddell.

Originally Posted by Big Red View Post
Yeah, the guys now days are very tough people also. And I am impressed with these guys they are amazing fighters. I am a fan of the fighters now.

Back in the day I was not really into mma. I wish now that I had of followed it more closely since its infancy. I remember when the ultimite fighter tournements came out and I rented them and watched them. It was cool and reminded me of the movie blood sport. And I now wish that someone had the foresight to make documentarys of these fighters that fought for next to nothing with no rules and for no apparent reason . I think they were crazy and I think documentaries about crazy people are always the most interesting. Now its to late because mma fighting makes sense.

I'd like to watch a good doco about them too. And you gotta give respect to the pioneers.

But we can't pretend they were some unique breed of super, pure fighter that somehow doesn't exist 20 years later.

I mean, Nick Diaz literally ****es away a multi-million dollar payday purely because he wants to smoke bowls. He's not in it to get rich, he's in it to fight. He hates the 10 point scoring system, he just wants to get locked in a cage with another dude and fight until one of them can't fight any more. He would have been happy living on couches, not going to press conferences, and fighting with less restrictive rules.

And it's not like he's the only one of those guys. He's just one of the most obvious examples.

It was a different time then, and we can't directly compare. Most of the old guys would be **** out of luck in the modern era, because they weren't professional enough. They were getting drunk, eating ****ty food and generally not living like high-level athletes. Different times breed different mindsets.

Many guys back then would have been great in todays era but never competed in unsanctioned shows because frankly, it was a stupid career choice. And many guys in today's era would have been a more natural fit in the old-style events. To pretend like it's any other way is ridiculous IMO.

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