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Default Re: Greeny sinks to an all time low

Originally Posted by whipsy View Post
Yes, He is entitled to his own opinion, but it seems as though when he makes questionable comments, The grogan masses come out and act like he is a hero "Good on ya greeny, BUt the ****** would sniff the petrol you brought for his boat before he left" That was just one of the highly intellectual posts by Greens fans. He is never pulled up on what he says, why?

And no one asked him about Mundine this time, he just came out and said it.... Sometimes it's best to keep things to yourself.... Mundine gets told that nearly everytime he opens his mouth, why not others?

I'm not sticking up for what Choc said, but others should be held accountable for their remarks as well....

I've met Green many times and he is good friends with a couple of friends of mine, He has always been nice to me and I have nothing against him, I still have a hand written note he wrote me just before I was married bagging me about my bucks night that he gave my friend to give to me...... So as I said it's nothing personal, but He should stick to his good guy image.
Why should he be pulled up on what one of his ****wit fans interprets his statement as? that is hardly his fault, and i have heard him interviewed 3 times this week, every single interviewer has asked about mundine, it is rare for him to not be asked about mundine. I don't believe it was necessary for him to make a comment, but i hardly believe there was anything wrong with the comments that he did make.
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