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Default Re: lovemore ndou to fight on combat8 in december

Originally Posted by Nath View Post
Your such a negative little Redback arnt you, ive been watching your comments about C8 and makes me wonder what drives all your negativity. Im thinking you wouldnt be on here unless you were a fight fan of some sort but all you ever do is complain and whinge. Cheer up Spider, lifes to short.
Sorry Nath. I hold it in the same regard as Spider. I'm sure its ok as a spectacle, but just dont know how it could have a future as a sport with the two sports its trying to hybridise going along fine. Combat 8 obviously have some money to throw around to attract a few fighters, but I otherwise see it as a distraction to those fighters serious about either boxing or MMA.

I liken it to that of mixed rules Aussie rules x Gaelic football that's played every year between the two countries. Might make for a good spectacle, but hardly has a future as yet another sport so similar to those its a combination of.

You are never going to settle the pub argument of who would win between an MMA star and boxing star because they're apple and oranges.
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