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Default Re: I wish someone had of made a documentary on the early days of Chuck Liddell.

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
Exactly, we don't know because it isn't the same anymore. But we can't just write off that old-school mentality like it doesn't exist anymore.

I mean, look at all those guys who are fighting in ****hole local shows in the middle of nowhere for $200. No sponsorship, no realistic hope of getting anywhere, no chance of fame and success. No money to see a doctor for their post-fight injuries. Nothing but fighting. But they fight because they love it, and they'd rather be fighting than working on the end of a shovel. Those guys are still around, plenty of them. It's just that, by and large, they are no longer good enough to compete at the top level of the sport because it's been cleaned up and the serious professional athletes have taken over.

Your right that there are still fighters with no hope fighting in leagues that don't pay to much money at all. I thought it was to late for a good documentary on that type of person, but I was wrong. There are still fighters that don't make money and know they can't make good money, but still do it.
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