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Default Re: sonny bill $3, francois botha $1.40

Originally Posted by Son of Gaul View Post
I still believe SBW will win legitimately. Botha has too much pride to take a pay-off but the Grant loss did something to him and many of the comments on here are largely due to hatred for Sonny Bill rather than any objective ****ysis of the matchup.
Being honest though, the best guy Sonny Bill fought was that Tillman character, who was grossly out of shape, had some of the worst form i've ever seen in a boxing ring and who's resume was abysmal (he'd lost to other tin cans) And the stoppage really wasn't that impressive, Sonny just went ape-**** it looked like a street brawl.

Botha is a solid pro, he's old but if he trains hard, comes in decent shape and stays tight he should know far too much for a guy like Sonny

Nothing wrong with SBW for having a go, he's an impressive athlete, but he has little natural talent

in a boxing ring he reminds me of guys we have had over here like Tom Dallas and Larry Olubamiwo, who both sort of looked the part and could blast out cans but got properly undressed by journeymen

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