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Default Re: sonny bill $3, francois botha $1.40

Originally Posted by Earl-hickey View Post
Being honest though, the best guy Sonny Bill fought was that Tillman character, who was grossly out of shape, had some of the worst form i've ever seen in a boxing ring and who's resume was abysmal (he'd lost to other tin cans) And the stoppage really wasn't that impressive, Sonny just went ape-**** it looked like a street brawl.

Botha is a solid pro, he's old but if he trains hard, comes in decent shape and stays tight he should know far too much for a guy like Sonny

Nothing wrong with SBW for having a go, he's an impressive athlete, but he has little natural talent

in a boxing ring he reminds me of guys we have had over here like Tom Dallas and Larry Olubamiwo, who both sort of looked the part and could blast out cans but got properly undressed by journeymen

This sums up exactly how i feel.

SBW has had five fights and all of them were at tin can or below level

Gary Gurr: Pathetic joke fight, he really was straight from the supermarket vegetable stacking line. No experience, No athletic ability.

Ryan Hogan: Even bigger joke of a fight, No experience and just a fat **** really no boxing talent or athletic ability.

Scott Lewis: A big step up from the 1st two fights, has a couple of fights experience lol. Scott lewis can bang a little but he still really is a can. less than 50% winning record and all losses coming by ko.

Alipate liava'a: 44 yo sickness beneficary, he's about 5ft5 120kg just a good sized punching bag. Scott lewis dominated him 10 rounds to none

Tillman: Sonny's best win. Big fat sloppy fighter, pretty seasoned and has a better than 50% winning record

Even a washed up Botha is a mile better than these ****ers, ffs he could probably beat them all in the half time break of an AB's game. Botha has been doing some good rounds recently and his competitors have been miles better than SBW. I'd take that Larry bloke over SBW to be honest.
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