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Default Re: Rid**** Bowe vs Mike Tyson

Originally Posted by zadfrak View Post
What those guys did to beat Tyson was the old pro trick of just taking small % things round after round. Not flashy big things but the small % low risk type things. The next thing you know it's the 7th round and it's a whole different version of Tyson they were facing.

Bowe didn't do that. He went in and fought the same way. He did the same things round after round and it was up to the opponent to see if they were durable enough to handle it. If Rid**** would've been satisfied with small % gains that add up, I'd like his chances better against this opponent. A lot better and that gets him away from trading all the time. But he didn't fight that way and I never thought of him as a good thinker in the ring.
More or less what i stated above
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