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Default Re: sonny bill $3, francois botha $1.40

Originally Posted by Francis75 View Post
Gee I hope Botha knocks that **** out. Probably won't happen though. How many rds will this fight be ?

Look, Botha is one of the nicest ex-champs you'll ever meet but the fact is he's still 44 years old, was 20lbs overweight in his last 2 fights, and is fighting Sonny Bill with(I believe) the shortest rest he's had after a fight. He's gonna be overweight AGAIN, sluggish AGAIN and he's going to lose AGAIN. His skill set and reputation mean nothing if his body won't do what he wants it to do. SBW is gonna be smart, use his wheels, avoid exchanges and cruise to a UD. How do you guys not see this? Maybe you should actually watch some of Botha's recent fights before posting.
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