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Default Starting out at the age of 25

I have always followed boxing from a young age but there was never any clubs in my area. I live on an Island so the nearest club would be a 3 hour ferry journey and an hour on a bus. But recently a Thai Boxing gym opened up.

While there are no boxing only classes, there are plenty punch bags and a ring so I can finally give it a try. My mate and I have been sparring each other for a few weeks now. We haven't had any coaching so are probably making quite a few mistakes. I weigh around 150lbs and he is around the 220lbs mark, so we go easy, mainly body shots.

When he does throw head shots my reactions aren't great and I get tagged quite a bit. What drills can I do to practice and improve head movement?

He has a video of us sparring so when he sends it to me, if I put it up could I get some pointers on what we are both doing right/wrong? It would be much appreciated.

I would like to improve to a level where I can have amatuer fights. Hopefully this thread is the start of getting to that goal.
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