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Default Re: Ruslan Chagaev will face Mike Perez december 1.

Originally Posted by itsa huge ***** View Post
in a way his managment are to blame for **** poor opp..i think they have ruined him..just like sasha is being ruined..

its funny chagaev has left his mannagement and is now fighting a decent opponent..coincidence??i think not..he is either having another run for a title shot (and no better way to do it than beat up a few contenders) or he is cashing in and is now just going to be a scalp (gatekeeper) for these up and a fan of his so im hoping he has another go..
you would think at some point the guy would have some kind of say over his downright embarrassing some of the guys he has fought.....but apparently you are right, he has been a good little boy and done what he is told and fought who they put in front of him with no questions asked.
i see this fight as dead even or favoring Perez. I'll take the unknown undefeated in shape guy i have seen look impressive than the often out of shape, unimpressive, faded former belt holder
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