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Default Re: Starting out at the age of 25

listen.. first u need to learn to have yout feets shoulderwith apart and get good balance. try puncing all different shots without getting out of balance. balance is VERY inportant!!!!! then after you fell the balance is good u shoulld keep the right hand tight to tour head and just work the jab. jab and move your head and feets and jab. do this for a good week and then u can start following up with other shots. every combination starts of with jab/jabs and finishes of with jab/jabs.. watch mutch video of boxers who is working the pads and sparring. look at clips of Emanuel Steward, freddie roach, floyd mayweather sr, and see how they train boxers. if u watch great trainers like this u can be shour you learn it the right way. remeber to thighten your fist right before you land a punch,and your thumb should face the floor when landing a punch, that way u wount get injuries. and after finishing a combination of punches ALLWAYS do a deffencive move like blocking or moving upper body or moving your feets. if u want more help from me just sen me a private message and ill answer u!GOD LUCK
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