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Originally Posted by DaveyboyEs***UK View Post
lol just putting my point across, as i think calzaghe is unfairly judged in many ways.

Let me tell you something just by the responses ive had on here from people who may have the same view point concerning calzaghe, You and Herol gee come out with ignorant ****, whilst people like Loudon and Knockout Arstist come out with constructive critisism theres a big difference.
Unfair towards me, seeing as I reflect Loudon's views. I've only pointed to Zaghes real ATG abilties and never pretend hes good at everything, whereas you invent his abilties. Perhaps you define real facts as ****, but thats your perogative.

But I can see why you are trying to divide and conquer.

Sorry if you are offended by my distaste at your invention of facts, Ididnt mean to offend you. I am not trying to veto your posting, please do carry on with the fanzine.
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