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Default Re: mark johnson :why is he in the HOF ?

Originally Posted by LittleRed View Post
Clearly they.should have come to America Flea. Duh. And Lopez should have quit bring such a wuss and jumped up a couple of weight classes too fight Johnson.
The first bit I think is a joke. Because they shouldn't have had to as you know.

The second bit I can actually agree with. Although in terms of size Lopez would be a fantastic flyweight in any era I have no problem with him not venturing further north than light fly. I was only saying that Lopez probably would've lost to Too Sharp, not that he ducked him.

Anyway, I have no problems with Lopez not fighting a top flyweight contender. Arbachakov? Sasakul? Those are fights he could've made IMO (I hear Carbajal held up any progress there) although I'm not massively bothered by it.

As I always say I try to rate based on what actually happened. And that isn't majorly impressive to me, as you know

Please stop trolling me.
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