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Default Re: sonny bill $3, francois botha $1.40

Originally Posted by Son of Gaul View Post
Look, Botha is one of the nicest ex-champs you'll ever meet but the fact is he's still 44 years old, was 20lbs overweight in his last 2 fights, and is fighting Sonny Bill with(I believe) the shortest rest he's had after a fight. He's gonna be overweight AGAIN, sluggish AGAIN and he's going to lose AGAIN. His skill set and reputation mean nothing if his body won't do what he wants it to do. SBW is gonna be smart, use his wheels, avoid exchanges and cruise to a UD. How do you guys not see this? Maybe you should actually watch some of Botha's recent fights before posting.
Have you seen the MUGS SBW has been fighting? Where are you from mate because this is a huge step up from what he's ever been in the ring with.

Botha's last 2 fights are on boxing rec @ 19 and 34 in the world. 1 is undefeated the other has had 1 loss. These two karnts are pro boxers, SBW is a weekend warrior. You be objective and tell me who looks less sluggish Ryan 'Hulk Hogan or Tillman LOL. Botha actually has been 10+ rounds in his last 3 fights, SBW has never been past 6. Who the **** know's how SBW's fitness will be if he gets dragged in to deep water and starts panicking. Botha wont panic he's a veteren, SBW has no KO power he still throws arm punches, Botha will take his best and keep plodding forward and lay him the **** out.
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