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Default Re: The 'what fights did you watch today?' thread

Just rewatched Kessler-Froch, I had it 115-113 Froch the other two times I've watched it but wanted to see if I'd changed my opinion.

Round 1- 10-9 Froch. Just a feeling out round really, both land some nice jabs but more come from Froch IMO to give him the round.

Round 2- 10-9 Froch. More action here and Kessler is the one stepping up the pace but the better, more quality is coming from Froch I thought. He lands some beautiful jabs, really snapping Kessler's head back and also a few decent counter rights when Kessler opens up. Kessler lands a few wildish shots but Froch was the more compact and resourceful in this round for me. (The commentary from Rawling & McKensie is awful by the way, especially McKensie. He gave Kessler the first simply for being the home fighter and thinks Froch should step in behind his jab, which has never been a strength of his )

Round 3- 10-9 Kessler. Good round here, Kessler changes it up as he was losing the battle of the jabs by going to the body first and finding it often. He mixes it up well though with some stiff jabs too. Froch lands a couple of hard shots but Kessler's work was better overall.

Round 4- 10-9 Kessler. Kessler is in control on the front foot behind the jab at the start of the round but Froch responds with a big right hand. Kessler comes back with a nice combo which Froch counters with a uppercut. Rest of the round is untidy but Kessler finishes stronger to take it for me.

Round 5- 10-9 Froch. Huge round for Froch- he just loads up with low hands and lands some big shots, a left hook and straight right the best of the bunch with the right hurting the Dane.

Round 6- 10-9 Froch. Kessler picks up the pace in the first half of the fround but Froch actually evades most of his punches well. Kessler gets through with some decent shots but Froch's flurries are harder and more accurate in the last minute to give him it IMO.

Round 7- 10-10. A quieter round here with neither landing anything significant. Both got through with jabs and a few scuffing shots but neither stood out enough for me to give them the round.

Round 8- 10-9 Kessler. Very good round for the challenger, stalking Froch and landing good punches to head and body. Jolts Froch with a lovely right hand counter to comfortably win the round too.

Round 9- 10-9 Kessler. Kessler is sharp with his punching and lands some good counter shots. Froch gets through with one combination but his punching is generally wide and sloppy. Kessler's consistency gives him the round for me.

Round 10- 10-9 Froch. Good round with both landing, Kessler finishing stronger and working well to the body. But Froch's work in the middle part of the round was very good and he caught him with strong shots to the head. Enough for the round on my card.

Round 11- 10-9 Kessler. Very good round with Kessler starting well and even hooking nicely off his jab. Froch comes back and the two trade well. Kessler lands a big looping right hand before Froch answers with a nice combo. Kessler did just enough to take it for me however.

Round 12- 10-9 Froch. Brawl sums up the last round. Wild swings and hard punches from the outset but neither getting through with a truly clean punch. But Froch really dug deep in the last minute and gets through with some big punches, making Kessler sag onto the ropes. The Dane comes back but it's too little too late for this round IMO.

So I had it 115-114 for Froch this time. It was a really, really close fight and I wouldn't argue with someone having Kessler taking it, though some of the closest rounds I've given to Mikkel here. Kessler's body punching was fantastic and took away the effectiveness of Carl's jab, which was looking excellent early on. But I believe Froch countered well and put together some effective combinations, even if they weren't the most aesthetically pleasing. It was that close that the home fighter was always likely to get it but I tried to be as objective as possible and thought Carl just nicked it.
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