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Default Re: sonny bill $3, francois botha $1.40

Originally Posted by Son of Gaul View Post
Again, the version of Botha that fought Grant would, in fact, lay SBW out. Frans looked hungry and as game as ever. He was in his own backyard and his fans clearly pumped him up. He appeared to be winning the fight handily until Grant came out of nowhere with that cannonball right hand. That loss did something terrible to Botha's confidence and his will to win.
The same thing then happened in the next fight, Botha appeared to be winning with his one punch and hold tactic and Takam catches him and the fight is stopped.
Pianeta's tall but his ranking is solely based on a sickeningly padded record and he STILL dominated Botha with these weak 1-2's all night. My point is that this version of Botha has ZERO confidence and is so overweight that he is physically incapable of throwing more than one punch at a time.
You are just looking at one side of the story Botha.

SBW hasn't fought anyone, you say Pianeta's record is padded lol. SBW's record might as well be 0-0 he hasn't fought ****. (Botha did take a couple of rounds off Pianeta on 2 of 3 cards)

IMO SBW has more to lose in this fight then gain and he's 0-0. If he beats Botha karnts like you (and there are a lot of them) will just say Botha was **** and shouldn't of fought. If he loses then he will be a laughing stock.

I reckon this is a step too far for SBW, how many people have fought the likes of Botha in their 6th fight? Especially as SBW has no fighting background whatsoever, no amateur fights, no nothing.

His management team are going for a cash grab and its riskier than they suspect I think. Botha has been calling out SBW for a year now, I wouldn't be surprised if he used the Pianeta fight as a sparing session considering he knew the SBW fight was already on the cards before that fight. 2.5 months is plenty of time to drop some kg's, my mate went on Jen for men and lost 16kg's in 8 weeks with no exercise LOL.
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