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Default Re: sonny bill $3, francois botha $1.40

Originally Posted by Son of Gaul View Post
Watch yourself boy. Trust me, you're out of your depth. I won't have a semi-literate teenager who took a couple of boxercise classes disrespect me or this site.
What the **** are you on?

You're not making much of a point for your argument if you ask me. I know Botha is well past his best, and looked pretty **** in his last two starts but he was made to look bad by some pretty high level opponents. Add that he clearly hadn't trained very hard for them and you get a bad result. SBW is not on the level of those blokes at this stage of his career so I think Botha will be doing the bossing in this fight.

Pianeta was just too skillful and slippery for an old fat Botha. SBW I don't think has the defensive capabilities to stop a plodding Botha who still has good skills just lacks the speed and stamina he would of had in his prime.

We still don't know how long the fights scheduled for but I reckon the longer it goes the more it plays in to Botha's hands. It gives him more of a chance to catch him, and we don't know what SBW will be like when he gets a bit tired in the later rounds.

Any way I'm loving SBW giving this a go and I am actually going to be cheering for him on the night. I do reckon he's up against it though. From what I have seen SBW isn't much chop in a boxing ring and has a lot to learn. Botha will probably be doing the schooling.

I might be a young handsome looking karnt but it's been a few years since I have been a teenager. Plus I wasn't being disrespectful I just sense a lot of SBW hate around (not saying your a hater) but these karnts make Botha out to be a never was practically Tillman level.

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