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Default Re: If Alan Rudkin had beaten Fighting Harada...

Originally Posted by Lester1583 View Post
Rudkin - Rose

Very good bout. Especially if you're a fan of technical fights.

Rose looked massive next to tiny Rudkin - "This is a man fighting a little boy".
Rose controlled Rudkin with the jab in the early rounds and landed some fast left hooks in the later rounds.

For the first 4 rounds Rudkin looked like he was out of his depth versus Rose - smaller, slower, haven't landed a single meaningful punch and cut.

But it seemed like that cut woke up Rudkin.

He adjusted very good - nice sneaky right hands and some good body shots.
I think Rudkin even got bigger as the fight progressed.

The last round definitely deserves a mention - Rudkin showed real guts and determination.

The judge who scored the fight 60-75 in favour of Rose obviously was a big big fan of Rose.

It was a very close fight, not a robbery by any means.

Personally I think 8-7 in favour of Rudkin would have been a fair decision.
I agree with you Lester with that 8-7 and you could even say 8-7 either way, it was that close. Me dad never made a fuss about the decision at the time and over the years. He felt he had done enough to take it but accepted it was a close one. He did though have strong feelings about Ray Mitchell's scorecard, a joke. I read somewhere that his breakdown was actually 14 to Rose with one even, the 13th. That means he had a 5-3 round in there as well. For me referee Vic Patrick's is a strange one, the maths don't add up. 70-63 must be 5 to me dad and 10 to Rose with two 5-3's. I've always wondered wether it was really 70-68 Rose and was read out wrong. There were a couple of papèrs that scored it a draw.
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