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Default Re: Damn. My friends. boxing sure have regressed a lot

I don't want to hear anymore dumb fans who claim "Boxing has progressed since (fill in the blank)." They see a bunch of guys nowadays taking steroids and assume the fighters are better nowadays. Or even better, they see a record get broken in the 100 M dash and then conclude that Mayweather can beat Sugar Ray Robison


Fighters today just aren't as skilled as they used to be. You don't see people with as good of defense and head movement. Even pressure fighters of old would move their damn head to get close. Chavez Sr. had very good defense. The art of feinting seems to be dead also. Watch Leonard/Duran and when they were fighting out range, it was two guys having a hard time hitting eachother and feinting to create openings. Everytime I watch the fight, I get blown away by the skill that is displayed offensively and defensively.

I'll bring up another fight. The Body Snatcher vs Curry. Can anybody tell me the last fight that took place that had this amount of skill between two fighters? Both guys threw combinations, both feinted, both could fight up close and at range. Both moved their heads, used their feet and parried. Both them tried to establish their jabs and counter. What the hell happened to boxing?
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