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Default Re: Think I found a British Boxing Poster as bad as the Mitchell one

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
No not at all, just sick of the tough guy act reaction to every mortal thing, sometimes they don't even need to be wound up or hear anything negative.

Would you like sauce with that Sir?

SAUCE?!?! Who the f*ck you talkin bou sauce? Ya wanna s**** ya **** ye!?! Me family cum from generations of fighters, we are fighters!!!!! Cam on!! Put em up ye!!!

JUST CALM THE F*CK DOWN, we don't need to hear every second of every day about your family fighting history. WE GET IT! We got it 100's of years ago!
I know what your saying but again there are people that do that in any race or background.

****heads will be ****heads end of the day, its unfair to label a whole community under the same brush.
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