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Default Re: K-1 2012 Final 16

The next step in the K1 tournament isn't until December 26 >>>

K-1 Final 16 Results

K-1 was in action this weekend with their most important show since the relaunch - the K-1 2012 Grand Prix Final 16. Winners of 8 Heavyweight fights now move on to the Grand Prix finals scheduled for December 26 in New York City (though there are some rumblings that the date will be pushed back to January to allow it to air on Spike).

In the main event, Mirko Cro Cop defeated Randy Blake via decision to earn his spot. Cro Cop has looked pretty good since coming back to kickboxing this year, and, crazy but true, is one of the favorites to win this year's crown. The other big favorite is Hesdy Gerges, who defeated Sergei Lascenko. Zabit Samedov also should not be ruled out, as he is a crafty veteran who has looked good lately, including in this quick win over Xavier Vigney. I'll take Ismael Londt as my dark horse pick - he didn't look fantastic in his win over Singh Jaideep, but he's still a force.

On the US side, only Jarrell Miller moved on to the finals - he'll be representing the country in New York.

Overall, it wasn't the best show, as some of the Final 16 fights were a bit conservative (which often happens). But there was a lot of fun to be had, both on the undercard, and in fights like Raul Catinas vs. Ben Edwards.

If you didn't know about the show, you're forgiven. K-1 did very little publicity, and didn't even have stream info up for most of last week. Spike had the stream up for free yesterday, but now, it's gone. Why? Who knows. Watch Cro Cop's fight here, and, uh, good luck on the rest.
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