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Originally Posted by SkillspayBills View Post
Nah can't remember what happened there Dunky?. Your right he should of rose above it but even now Robin's a bit touchy. He moans if you call him ''former world champion''. He says 3 time world champion he counts the WBF title as a world title.

I like the Reaperman though, Strange fighter really bit of a waste.
Going on old memories now SPB, but the build up got so heated that someone in Reids camp was alleged to have spiked Joe Calzaghes ice cream with glass!
& who saved the day? Richie Woodhall. Spotted the glass in Joes ice cream.

The welsh lads on here may be able to come up with some evidence that I didnt dream it, cos I cant find anything about it on the web!

****in crazy build up that was, but look at Robin in this short doc, he comes over as a great fella!



I know a guy that met him too, & explained him like you see him in the doc, a great guy to be around. You may have seen it SPB, but to the younger folk, a glimpse of the mindset of a prime Reid!

& he truly did have a strange record, Reid came around at a stage where I wasnt following boxing as much, the move to SKY of the top fighters meant I lost touch a bit, & as a result lost interest a bit. It was watching fights down the local, & as such in that type of atmosphere, out with your mates & sinking beers watching the fights whilst fighting to get a drink at the bar & having to run to the toilet to take a **** constantly due to the lager consumption- I couldnt give fights full attention anymore.

Only got back into it when I became mates with a bloke who had sky, & was an even bigger fan of boxing than me!

people love SKY now, but it was the **** that killed off boxing as a mainstream sport to rival the football in my eyes

PS, hope you dont mind me putting the links to the doc in SPB, dont want to go all off-topic. Just tell me & I will take them out if you wish. & I wont even hold a grudge
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