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Default Re: SPB: The Vault

Originally Posted by Dunky McCafferty View Post
Going on old memories now SPB, but the build up got so heated that someone in Reids camp was alleged to have spiked Joe Calzaghes ice cream with glass!
& who saved the day? Richie Woodhall. Spotted the glass in Joes ice cream.

The welsh lads on here may be able to come up with some evidence that I didnt dream it, cos I cant find anything about it on the web!

****in crazy build up that was, but look at Robin in this short doc, he comes over as a great fella!

I know a guy that met him too, & explained him like you see him in the doc, a great guy to be around. You may have seen it SPB, but to the younger folk, a glimpse of the mindset of a prime Reid!

& he truly did have a strange record, Reid came around at a stage where I wasnt following boxing as much, the move to SKY of the top fighters meant I lost touch a bit, & as a result lost interest a bit. It was watching fights down the local, & as such in that type of atmosphere, out with your mates & sinking beers watching the fights whilst fighting to get a drink at the bar & having to run to the toilet to take a **** constantly due to the lager consumption- I couldnt give fights full attention anymore.

Only got back into it when I became mates with a bloke who had sky, & was an even bigger fan of boxing than me!

people love SKY now, but it was the **** that killed off boxing as a mainstream sport to rival the football in my eyes
Oh i remember that! I didn't know they thought Reid's team spiked it..

Thanks for the vid's Dunky will give them a watch now .
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