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Default Re: Top 10 ATG Floyd 'Money' Mayweather: What would have to be done from for it to be

Genaro*, Manfredy, Corrales*, C.Hernandez, J. Chavez, Castillo X2*, Gatti, Judah, Baldomir*, Oscar, Hatton, JMM, Mosley*, Ortiz, Cotto*

*=has some claim as having beaten the best guy in the division

That is a solid top tier opponents, considering that only four of these fights were even remotely competitive is the most impressive. The manner in which he disposed of his opponents, virtually shutting them down and winning every round convincingly, boosts his resume more than if he had the same opponents fought with a bunch being close fights, some wars, and a couple defeats. Would he have been more entertaining and fan friendly with that? Yes. Better? Absolutely not. I've always valued the 0 much more than others when ranking/speaking of Lopez and Marciano, so Floyd would be no different there. It's actually amazing that Calzaghe and Floyd have managed to create a generation of fans who specifically attack undefeated fighters with baseless claims.
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