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Default Re: Will Froch duck Adonis Stevenson?

I dont believe Froch will vacate the belt because of Stevenson, just because of ONE mandatory challenger, ONE...

► Look, we call that FEAR


Before the Stevenson-George fight, Ward thought he could defeat Stevenson; and get a predictable victory by KO.
Which would positionned Ward right behind Froch, for the "Undisputed Championship" bout.
But after the "solid chin" victory of Stevenson over George, Ward clan changed their plan, and decide to quickly call Pavlik out...


Stevenson looks like a boxer from an alternate reality, a brutal boxer who was not suppose to be there.
No body knew this street fighter 8 months ago, and now this monster is climming faster than anybody, always searching for the KO, always fighting like he has 15 rounds to do...

Everybody already knew he was puching hard
► But since Don George:
Everybody thought he was a unidimentional fighter; They were wrong
Everybody thought he had no chin; They were wrong
Everybody thought he had no stamina; They were also wrong
Technically, he got skillz and he's faster than most thought.

Finally, it's hard for any elite boxers to evaluate their chances to win over an underrated but more complete opponent than themselves.


*Check this out;

It's your last year of high school, and we approach the summer.
You're the tough guy at school, you won all your fist fights this year.
But since March, a new bully came to school, he doesn't talk much, but he beats up all your friends pretty badly, one after the other.
And since last Friday, for no reason, you heard the bully is calling your name out by publically saying you're a coward, right after he violently cleaned up the opposition and make the entire basketball team run.

Your friends wants you to avenge them, but for the first time of your existence, all the fibers of your being tells you NO, don't Go, don't Fight...

► We call that FEAR


*You have to understand, Adonis Stevenson is Faster ►►►

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