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Default Re: Angelo Hyder interview-This may be Danny's last fight

Originally Posted by kas117 View Post
Angelo is a ****ing ***** and I reckon he is largely responsible most of the **** that Danny has pulled ever since he came out of retirement.

Which round does he insult Green's brother?
Originally Posted by stiflers mum View Post
I think it was afterr the 2nd when Tarver scored the KD. Angelo said something like ''' You gave a mug a even break '' and started slapping him and Brendan said '' Stop slapping him '' and Hyder told him to shut up. The manner in which he said it was if he was talking to a serf.
Well, Angelo Hyder was a screw for many a year.

Of course he's a cuunt- what do you expect? He's a farking boxing promoter!

Is he knowledgable enough technically to be training Danny Green? No, he couldn't teach a dog to ****.

But is he cluey enough to maximise Danny's financial opportunities at this stage of his career? Obviously yes, he's turned out to be bloody good for Green's bank account. He's in on the wrought-the-public ticket all the way with Green, and that's why they're making such a good team.

More power to them.

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