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Default Re: Please stop saying a "Prime" Mosley or DLH can beat Mayweather, its embarassing

[quote=MVC;13999251]It wouldn't make a lick of difference even if Floyd fought Mosley or DLH in their prime from 2000-2002. Floyd would still give them both a BOXING LESSON.

Ok whatever you say.You can't tell people to not say Floyd didn't fight the best Oscar/Mosely in their prime & at their peak though.Respect Floyd but him giving both boxing lesson at their best is far form the truth whether he beats them or not.I know you love floyd you can tell by your passion & he's your idol/hero but don't go spewing bs you don't know & couldn't be more far form the truth. Floyd doesn't beat prime oscar/mosely easy whether you like it or not but that's some wishful thinking on your part. Everything you just mentioned is an opinion which is all irrelevant.

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