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Default Re: Amir is now a man of war

Originally Posted by Decebal
To be fair, it's the journo's fault...what's the point of explaining half-heartedly what this thing involves? You either don't at all and say: AK can do 40 bar bag reps whilst RH can only do 35, or you explain what the damn thing it is they're doing! It's actually a very poorly written article/interview in general. It also makes Amir look gay. "I look at my body!" "I love my suits!", etc.
Yeah your probably right about the journo, shower of ****-holes those guys. Just realised that Khan means a form of Plyometrics, dont know why they dont just say that, ****in bar bag exercise, what a **** end. Plyometrics is a sports science technique for getting speed and power, it's used mainly in athletics, and a lot of the UFC guys use similar stuff. Another thing I dont understand is how Khan knows he'll be 5% bodyfat? by what method? probably one of those dodgy calibrating machines you get out of Argos man, you would be better to think of a number and double it, that would be just as accurate. 5% is pretty low, that is what most body builders get down to before a show, so somehow I think Khan is talking pish, probably he'll be closer to 7%
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