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Default Re: mark johnson :why is he in the HOF ?

The ring often gave high placings to titlists they were familiar enough with in the hope of forcing Esparragoza got a higher placing than his wins may have merited in the hope of forcing featherweight unification.

It's not like Johnson wasn't one of the best around sub-bantam by the late 90s.A lot of the talent had gone and he was one of the last remnants of it still active.It's certainly arguable to argue he deserved to place so high considering who he had beaten though.Most likely a few of the staff at the mag rated him highly and wanted to get him exposure and bigger fights.

Nothing wrong with that but they were always more likely to do it for someone they had more familiarity with than possibly equally deserving or acomplished fighters they hadn't seen as much of.

It's not like people don't dig Johnson here(most of the posters saying they don't think he shouldhave got in so quickly are still saying they thought he was an excellent talent) or are being biased against him.I think it's just being seen as a bit flimsy to have a ring top ten p4p rating for a few years as one of your main points(or some vague assertations that everyone ducked him) as to why he should have been a first time inductee.That's more the kind of thing you point to if he still hadn't been inducted in 60 years time.
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