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Default Re: Which weight class should I fight at first?

Originally Posted by MVC View Post
I go to a boxing gym from time to time to train and I'm thinking of fighting amateurs as soon as possible. I'm also a pretty garbage outfighter, what should I do to maximize my in fighting potential. What kinds of exercises should I be doing? I'm pretty much a NOOB beginner.

Weight 142
Height- 172 cm (Yeah I'm short )
Arm length- 26 inches
Wingspan- 71 inches
Train and compete at a weight you feel fit and strong at. Don't worry about numbers, it doesn't matter nearly as much as you may be led to believe unless you are competing at a reasonably high level. Someone may outweigh you 5lbs, and you are stronger, fitter and more skilled than he is. If they are stronger, faster and fitter than you, then chances are that isn't only because he weighs 5lbs more than you - he trains harder and smarter than you do. Especially as a beginner, focus on as FEW areas as possible. I made the mistake you are making in thinking about WHEN I fight, what weight should I be at, am I too short for this, too slow for that, too tall for this, etc etc. Focus on your skill development and confidence, secondary your fitness and your strength in the ring and sparring, and things will fall into place.
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