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Default Re: Which weight class should I fight at first?

Originally Posted by MVC View Post
Think I'm a tad too old to start? Like I said I started pretty much months ago and I'm already 21 :(. I'd like to think my reflexes are pretty good, good power, decent speed.

I wanna try to fight in the 2016 Olympics but it may be out of reach. what do you think?
You are not too old to start. Everyone asks this question from age 18 to 33. You know when is too old? The day you let that question STOP you from fighting, or you reach 34 and can't compete by the rules. In 6 months you could be a national champion, if you have the talent. If not, you could be in 5 years from sheer hard work with limited talent.

Who is anyone to say if you are too old to do what you want to do. People waste YEARS one way or another asking themselves this question, and putting HALF assed effort into their training because they believe some mythical notion of being "too old" to do something.

2016 Olympics is out of reach until you start training. Then, you should focus on actually fighting a bout. Then, focus on your regional championship. Then, focus on your national championship. Then, a continental matchup. By the time you are succeeding with those, it may well be close to an Olympic Games. People dedicate their LIVES to getting to that kind of level, it isn't a vision that is made or broken by some guys on an internet forum, whether they think you are too old or not.

You have to have a desire deep inside you, that nobody needs to know about, nobody needs to encourage you about and nobody needs to motivate you about. If you have that, then you know the answer to your question. If you do not, then you are just looking for a way out.

Of course this is for the level you are talking about - to be in the top 20 athletes in the WORLD in your selected sport and class. You can get to a good level nationally without this kind of hell bent vision. But it all depends on the kind of person you are, deep inside.

Bottom line - do what YOU want to do and don't ask other people what you should do. If you want to compete as an amateur, take things ONE step at a time. You are talking about the Olympics without ever having stepped in the ring. Take things slow, have a fight, give it a few days, decide if you want to do it again.
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